Community Solutions
2017 Annual Report

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how to solve a complex problem like homelessness.

Complex social problems like homelessness don't have a silver bullet solution. Instead, we teach communities the skills required to master these problems, and surface and test new ideas quickly using data to refine their approaches as they go.


using data to drive problem-solving

Complex problems typically have hidden leverage points. Data analytics helps a community zoom in on the heart of the problem by spotting outliers and trends that could hold the keys to broader progress.

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Testing Evalijdsdsd

testing and evaluating ideas with real-time data

Homelessness changes too quickly for traditional planning. Instead, communities need a rigorous way to test, measure, and improve new solutions as they go. Quality improvement offers a way forward to successful results..

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creating solutions around the needs of your users and engaging them in the process

Society often blames people experiencing homelessness for their situation. But what if the problem isn't them, it's us? Human-centered design helps local leaders reinvent their housing systems in response to what will get results for those they serve.

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Creating the conditions for collaborative innovation

Problems like homelessness cannot be solved by any single actor. Communities must develop results-driven teams with the skills to collaborate and innovate. Effective facilitation of these cross-sector partners has emerged as a breakthrough discipline.

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